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The Department of Neurosurgery of Beijing TianTan Hospital was founded and expanded by our beloved Dr. Wang Zhongcheng, a former academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, aiming to develop the practice of neurosurgery in China and saving those who suffered from neurosurgical diseases. Thanks to Dr. Wang and those pioneering colleagues, Neurosurgery department of Beijing TianTan Hospital has been ranked as No.1 in neurosurgery in China for years. The annul number of neurosurgical operations is over 10,000 for the last five years, predominately in brain cases and many of which were difficult and complex cases from all over China.

Supported by both state and local government, New Beijing Tiantan Hospital was proposed and started construction in HuaXiang (“County of flower”) south of Beijing, seating 1650 inpatient beds equipped with advanced facilities. The opening of our new hospital will be in October of 2017, providing a better healthcare care service and clinical-scientific research.To celebrate this historical moment, 1st Beijing Tiantan International Forum of Neurosurgery (BIFNS) is scheduled to be held from November 2-5, 2017, aiming to demonstrate the current neurosurgical progress and outline the future of this specialty. Theforum will consist of several events, including congress and pre-congress training courses and international meeting of meningioma. Thetopics will cover the sub-specialties of neurosurgery and its related subjects.

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