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International meningioma society (IMS)


International meningioma society (IMS)

Officially founded in September 2006 at the Mr.Fuji Meeting, which was hosted by Prof. Takeshi Kawase, the International Meningioma Society(IMS) has brought international neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, basic research scientists and epidemiologists together to fight this puzzling and sophisticated disease. The mission of IMS is to achieve “the advancement of the understanding of the biology and treatment of meningiomas and to improve the lives of patients afflicted”.

IMS is a non-profit unincorporated public benefit society. The current president of IMS is Prof. Prof. Kenji Ohata, vice-president is Prof. Volker Seifert and Prof. Michael McDermott serves as treasure secretary. The detailed information about IMS can be found at

The regular meeting of IMS has attracted numerous academicians each time, making it a great academic event for those who are working in this area and interested in this disease. Since its first symposium back in 1992, IMS has organized over 10 events insofar and has contributed in advancing the understanding and treatment of meningioma. In the last meeting in June, 2016 in Osaka, Japan, the committee announced the 2017 IMS meningioma meeting is to be held in Beijing, host by Dr.Liwei Zhang and Dr. Junting Zhang, bothfrom Beijing Tiantan Hospital of Capital Medical University, China.

Subjects includes

1.Anterior cranial fossa and sellar region meningiomas

2.middle cranial fossa and cavernous sinus meningiomas

3.posterior cranial fossa meningioma

4.Brain function and meningioma

5.Venous sinus related meningioma

6.Cranial nerves and meningioma

7.Venous reconstruction and management of arterial encasement in meningiomas

8.New technique in management of meningiomas

9.Endoscopic management of meningioma

10.Pediatric meningioma

11.Pregnancy and meningioma

12.Incidental finding meningioma and natural history

13.Malignant meningioma

14.Radiotherapy for meningioma

15.Basic research advances in meningioma