Invitation Letter

Beijing Tiantan International Forum of Neurosurgery(BIFNS)


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It gives us great pleasure and privilege to warmly invite you for the 1st Beijing Tiantan International Forum of Neurosurgery(BIFNS) in Beijing, People’s

Republic of China in November 2017. This forum marks and celebrates the official opening of our newly founded Beijing Tiantan Hospital, which is deliberately organized and fully supported by the standing committee and every staff. Taking this opportunity, 10th International Meningioma Society & Cerebral Venous System Meeting will also be held together.

Beijing TianTan Hospital was firstly founded on August 23, 1952 and later expanded by our beloved Dr. Wang Zhongcheng to develop the practice of neurosurgery in China. Thanks to Dr. Wang and numerous pioneering colleagues, Department of Neurosurgery of Beijing TianTan Hospital has been No.1 ranking in neurosurgery in China for years. The annul number of neurosurgical operations is over 10,000 for the last five years, in particularly many of which were difficult and complex. Supported by both state and local government, New Beijing Tiantan Hospital was proposed and started construction in HuaXiang (“County of flower”) south of Beijing, seating 1500 inpatient beds equipped with advanced facilities. The opening of our new hospital will be in Fall of 2017, providing a better healthcare care service and research.

To celebrate this historical moment, 1st Beijing Tiantan International Forum of Neurosurgery is scheduled to be held from November 2-5, 2017. A variety of neurosurgical topics, reports and academic activities will be covered including surgical operational experience, cutting-edge research, hands on workshop, keynote lectures, inter- and multiple-disciplinary open discussions. We sincerely hope this forum will serve as an ideal and splendid stage for you all to enjoy the wonderland of neurosurgery.

Gladly and honorably, we are hosting 10th International Meningioma Society and Cerebral Venous System Meeting at the same time partially in combination with our BIFNS. This meeting will be more focused on the meningioma and its related disciplines. Preceded to this event, there will be two educational workshops supported and organized by the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies(WFNS) with a galaxy of masters in this field. Continuing education like anatomy classes will also be additional bonus during this event. For those who are interested and keen to learn more about this topic, this will definitely be a great opportunity.

Autumn in Beijing is an amazing season, here you can climb the Great Wall without sweating, view the Red Leaves in Xiangshan, jog along the Summer Palace, or taste some beer with friends in the pubs along Houhai. Surely hundreds of delicious Chinese food await you. Beijing is a place not only for meeting old friends, but making new ones. We sincerely hope you can join us and look much forward to seeing you all.

Sincerely yours

Co-Presidents of BIFNS


Liwei Zhang, MD PhD

Vice President of Beijing Tiantan Hospital



张俊廷_1.JPGJunting Zhang, MD

Chair of Department of Neurosurgery

Beijing Tiantan Hospital


张亚卓_1.jpg Yazhuo Zhang, MD PhD

Director, Beijing Neurosurgical Institute